Custom-built software designed to support you.

Alffie Features

Advanced insights and reporting

With our custom-build platform, you get full visibility and tailored reporting on your clients. Access fully customisable reporting suites, view student participation and attendance records, and monitor their progress in real-time. Our software streamlines the employment training process, so you can focus on helping your clients get results.

EC Reporting & Analytics

Alffie has consulted with industry experts and developed a range of tools, reports and features to give you unrivalled visibility over your caseload.

Customisable Reporting Suites

Create and build reports that are contract specific. Start with the basics and enhance your requirements over time.

Participation and Attendance Records

Full visibility on every step of their learning journey from attendance records, study schedules and help with TCF if required.

Real Time Participant Progress

Accurately and confidently see what stage of learning all of your participants are at. Who’s on track and who needs help.

Monitoring of Performance Drivers

Student attendance details and students level of engagement easily accessed through our customer built dashboard.

Overall System Benefits

Our system has been purpose built with ease of use being at the forefront and accurately tracking your students progress towards completion.

Custom Platform

Our market-leading platform was built specifically for employment services, and it’s equipped and ready to support you and your clients ongoing needs.

Simple Enrolment Process

Built with the EC at the forefront of our system development, our enrolment process is made easy to get your participant enrolled and engaged FAST. 

Automated Updates 
& Monitoring

Adapting to changing guidelines is in Alffie’s DNA. We’re an agile company and are committed to developing learning solutions that meet our market conditions.

Student Features

Our custom-designed learning platform provides students with a user-friendly interface. They can study from any device, from anywhere, at any time.

Text to

Text to speech feature assists participants with different learning styles. Compatible on all devices.


From small interactive games to video clips, Alffie courses keep students engaged and motivated as they study.


We have a dedicated Australian support team ready to answer any questions.

Compatible on
all Devices

Alffie allows students to complete their coursework using their PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Real Time Coaches

Alffie’s qualified team of trainers and assessors are here to mentor and support you throughout your learning via phone, email, live chat and dedicated coaching calls.

About Alffie

We’re Australia’s largest online employment trainer for employment service providers. We’re also the most experienced.

Why Alffie

With 12 years in the sector and a laser focus on employment training, we offer unrivalled support to EC’s and their clients.